A Presentation system with the teachers direct interactivity and direct controlled interactivity of students

Is new in interactive teaching with big advantages, usable in collaborative group teaching of languages, math, physics and other objects. Enables expansion of competences with using means of information and communication technologies (ICT). With other competences and with the required direct collaborative interactivity of the students in arbitrary teaching activities using a computing system.


  1. Activation of individual workplaces.

  2. Switching activity to another workplace.

  3. Revoking activity of any workplace.

  4. Mutual switching of activity to another workplace (Switching interactivity).

Extended program equipment is being prepared, which will be a complete system enablig use of various teaching methods and tests. The test evaluation and other evaluation will automatically create a base for a complete evaluation for a certain period of time.
Basic installation:

One complete computing system for the teacher with output devices (printer, audio system, etc.), a digital projector, suitably with HDTV quality (1920x1080), a controlled system switch, every workplace with a keyboard and a mouse, connected devices. Any other suitable devices can be added (WEB Camera, microphone,...). A great work aid is a wireless mouse for the teacher with extensive reach, it allows interactive cooperation and overseeing the students workplace, also, to work from the active workplace, or to enable a student to control the collaborative activities of the group.

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